Office Rail • Ancona • Ute Weingarten

A new episode from the Office Rail is out. This time from Ancona, Italy

It took almost a day to take the train from Rotterdam to Ancona and what a ride! I had to change trains 8 times, trains were delayed both in Holland and Germany, but the worse part was spending a night on an old Deutsche Bahn train from Cologne to Basel. The highlight of the ride was then I saw the Italian Riviera outside the train window.

My initial plan was to go to Milan. But a week before my departure, I was invited by Art Press – Ute Weingarten, Berlin to cover the kickoff event of the festival — where fourteen participants from around the world presented their ideas on how to house the human - today and in the future.

Ute Weingarten is the founder of which is a PR agency for art, architecture, design and photography. Running a business in German you still have to offer both the outdated fax machine service as many businesses still uses it in their business while at the same time understand the importance of how the consumers and the art institutions use social media and how it has redefined the art experience.

Ute Weingarten’s view on ‘How well Berlin matches to her profession’ 🎥

Mette Willert
Office Rail • Rotterdam • Maarten Reijgersberg

This week Office Rail is interviewing the iconic Rotterdam endboss

Maarten Reijgersberg from the creative agency RauwCC. He picked me up outside the city's impressive train station in his convertible Ford Mustang and proudly showed off the city of Rotterdam while the wind stirred in my hair. 6 hours later I left the city. Even though Amsterdam often get overshadowed by Rotterdam, I think Rotterdam is much more interesting for me to visit than Amsterdam. Not just is it the largest port in Europe, the city also has a strong focus on climate changes as well as the city is undergoing a huge architectural transformation. No wonder it’s perceived as being Europa’s next cool city😎 In the video, Maarten explains why there is such a great match between his profession and the city of Rotterdam:

Mette Willert