Office Rail | Live Travel Update

With 283 km/h the Rail Office is currently enjoying the beautiful view of the Spanish landscape passing by outside the window. After traveling through Germany, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Italy and France on 1st class. I am now approaching Madrid. So how is it to work on the train? Well, first of all I must admit it has been very stressful so far!

1) Some of the trains had no power plugs, so I couldn't charge my iPhone

2) I have made a very action-packed program with very little time in each city

3) I have changed trains more than 26 times

4) And in both Germany and France my trains were plagued by long delays, creating hectic moments catching the connecting train.

My hyphothesis was that I could use the ride to be productive but instead I felt stressed out when I finally arrived at my destination. So I have now introduced a new train hack: I close down the 'online' office for min. 2 hours and go ‘offline‘.

Instead, I enjoy the view out of the window or listen to music while I get ‘recharged’ before arriving to my next destination. My Office Rail is back on track 😁

But the best part of the trip has been all the beautiful people I have met in each of the cities. So get ready to meet the cool people in the next couple of weeks.


Mette Willert