Office Rail • Düsseldorf • Vera & Philippe Henco

Office Rail is back again with a new episode from Düsseldorf, which is an international business hub in the heart of Europe, and especially a magnet for Japanese companies. Moreover, it has a great infrastructure and many European cities are within easy reach, but last but not least and that’s why I really enjoy coming back to the city is because of the Dorf people’s open-mindedness also known as the famous Rhineland hospitality. In Düsseldorf I met Vera Henco & Philippe Henco, who runs a strategy branding agency Their clients range from individuals to institutions to local businesses and global brands. They believe that “strong brand management is the essential steering wheel for companies and good design is its visual expression.” Philippe elaborated on my question in the 🎥: 'But how well does your city match your profession'? ➡️Tip: If you ever go to Düsseldorf remember to get a free copy of their vibrant map over Dusseldorf’s Japanese Quarter - Little Tokyo by The Rhein 📌🇯🇵

Mette WillertComment