Office Rail All Aboard Choo, Choo and thx you so much!


Thursday I arrived to Copenhagen after travelling for 37 hours from Lisbon.

I am so happy and very proud of myself that I ventured across 8 countries by train within a very short timeframe. I truly gave myself an ambitious challenge - but I overcame major obstacles during the trip because I never give up.

I am tired and overwhelmed now after the exhausting but very rewarding experience - but most important I come back with a luggage full of both personal as well as professional experiences that I can draw on in the future.

So will I do it again? As a strong train advocator I wouldn't hesitate a minute to venture on a new Office Rail trip another time! However, I would need longer time to plan the trip and maybe visit less countries ;)

A very special thx to the people of Europe I have met during this trip:

Ward Cannaerts, Brussel

Vera and Philippe, Düsseldorf

Maarten Reijgersberg, Rotterdam

Esmee, Rotterdam

Ute, Ancona

James, Ancona

Freo Majer, Ancona

Rasmus, Paris

Atsushi Sakai, Paris

Catherine, Basel

Sarah, Basel

Igor, Madrid

Chus, Madrid

Joao, Lisbon


The hotels that sponsored my trip:

Hotel Pilar, Antwerp & and Miet from VisitAntwerp

Nomad Design & Lifestyle Hotel, Basel

Room Mate Laura Hotel, Madrid


Artpress Ute Weingarten, Berlin & Housing the Human for the press invitation to Ancona


My network for your help and support:

Alexandra Bode for housing me in Cologne

Dan Kreutzfeldt (CPH) sponsoring me a hotel stay in Düsseldorf

Yasunori Morinaga (Basel) for your great advice on how to use the train to recharge before arriving to my next destination

Pepa Cavanilles Gómez (Madrid) for calling Renfe and helping me to figure out how to buy a seat reservation online

Louise Vendelbo Mogensen, Josephine Michau, Alexandra Bode, Malene Birkebæk Henrik Hansen for your help connecting me with local people.

And to all of you who supported me with your comments and support!

Tak/Merci/Danke/Grazie/Obrigado/Gracias/Dank je/

Mette Willert