Mette Willert

COntent strategist

She helps clients create a content-driven strategy that help them telling compelling brand stories that offers value to potential customers, and build their trust in the brand and make them interact with the brand. Content-strategy is for her all about being understated; it is not about screaming about your brand, but instead it is about providing information that offers value and illustrates that your brand is what it says it is.


Instagram advisor

Mette has established a strong Instagram profile known as @Littlemycph with a fanbase of more than 42K followers and with a strong focus on architecture and urban landscape. She can help you create a stunning instagram feed by creating consistency on your instagram account.  And provide guidance to your social media and marketing team members on social media implementation best practices and strategies.

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Photo Workshops

Taking great pictures is less about technical knowhow and much more about mastering the most valuable piece of kit - your eyes.

She runs workshops for businesses and private institutions where she teaches best practices on how you become a better photographer.  The course focuses on basic composition techniques on how to create great photos with a phone, and hence how to edit the photos on the phone before sharing them on Instagram.


content creator

She has created content for several brands within the travel industry promoting destinations for Ahoi Hamburg, VisitManchester, VisitDresden and Hurtigruten.

She loves travelling the world with her camera and meeting liked-minded people all over the world. Her favorite destination is Japan. She is passionated about sharing her collections of favorites from the coolest architecture to the best beans in her LittleMyCPH cityguide series and on her Instagram account.

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Mette speaks on:

How to create compelling Stories on Instagram Stories

Influencer Marketing

How to use Instagram as a tactic tool for selling

How one app changed my life

Digital Nomad lifestyle

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She is passionated about business development and has helped clients to understand how they create, deliver and capture value today, as to help shapen how to make an idea, project or service for the future become more concrete.

The best way to do so is to bring a group of people together to create novel, new options for your company, product or services.

She uses the metholody from the Business Canvas Model a well-know method to create value to your corporation.